The company organizes learning IATF16949 quality management system
Date: 2018-11-12 11:09:40Pageviews: 700


  IATF16949 is the international general automotive industry quality system standard. As a technical specification for the international automotive industry, the pertinence and applicability of the standard is very clear. This technical standard focuses on implementation and process control, and integrates the best experience of the global automotive kingdom. Passing the system certification will help companies gain the trust of customers and thus gain a broader market space.

   In order to successfully complete this system review, our company took the initiative to set up a special working group to organize system planning and document preparation. Faced with a large number of new clauses and new requirements of the new version of the system documents, the team members repeatedly studied and discussed, and deliberated on each clause of the new standard. After 3 months of overtime work, the preparation and design of related documents were finally completed, including quality manuals, procedure documents, management methods, and hundreds of record forms.

After the trial operation of the system, the company has strengthened its propaganda and education, so that the sense of responsibility, management and quality of all employees has been enhanced, and actively participated in the company's standardization construction; strengthened the standardization of the operation process, the risk was effectively controlled, and the business management level was improved Further improve; strengthen internal audit management, and further strengthen the mechanism of self-discovery, self-improvement, and self-improvement; strengthen the revision and improvement of management documents, and conduct management, human resource management, financial management, administrative affairs management and other documents Standardization makes it meet the requirements of national and industry regulations, promotes the standardization, proceduralization and standardization of the company's internal management, and lays the foundation for the company to achieve comprehensive scientific management.