What is the use of automotive safety electronics?
Date: 2020-07-01 11:15:20Pageviews: 810

ABC, ABD, ASR, ABS, EBD... just ask you whether you are deceived? They are actually synonymous with vehicle safety configuration. Now the safety configuration of cars is getting richer and richer. In fact, we also need to understand these functions. Let me help you understand the meaning behind these letters.


ABC-Car Body Active Control System

The ABC system enables the car to control roll, pitch, yaw, jump and vehicle height more quickly and accurately. With small body roll and small change in wheel camber angle, the tire can better maintain vertical contact with the ground, so that the adhesion of the tire to the ground is improved, and the driving and braking effect of the tire can be fully exerted. The emergence of ABC alleviates the contradiction between the comfort of suspension settings and the handling.