What is the use of front radar?
Date: 2019-09-06 11:20:03Pageviews: 852

 Many drivers have installed reversing radars for their cars. Reversing radars are divided into front reversing radar and rear reversing radar. Both of these are helpful to drivers in reversing, but the difference between the two is everyone. I don’t know very well, so next I will introduce you to the front reversing radar.

  Front radar is also what we often call the front parking assist. It is a safety assist device when the car is parking or reversing. It consists of an ultrasonic sensor (commonly known as a probe), a controller and a display (or buzzer). It can notify the driver of obstacles around by sound or a more intuitive display, which relieves the trouble caused by the driver's front and rear visits when parking, reversing and starting the vehicle, and helps the driver to eliminate blind spots and blurred vision Defects to improve driving safety.

  Front radar is designed and developed based on the principle that bats fly at high speed in the dark without colliding with any obstacles. The front radar probe is mounted on the front bumper, and the probe radiates at an angle of about 45 degrees to search for the target up, down, left, and right. Its biggest advantage is that it can detect obstacles that are lower than the bumper and difficult for the driver to see from the car, and call the police, such as flower beds and children playing.