Our company participated in the 18th (Spring) International Automobile Modification Service Exhibiti
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From February 27 to March 1, 2019, the 18th (Spring) International Automobile Modification Service Exhibition 2019 was grandly held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. This exhibition attracted many domestic and foreign experts to participate in the exhibition, and our company also participated in this event with great enthusiasm.

Our professional sales team showed our customers a large number of new and old products through the exhibition, such as the radar warning system for carts, the auxiliary system for lane change without host, and the ultrasonic blind spot monitoring system. With full sales enthusiasm, professional service spirit, positive service attitude, and rich product knowledge, Xiangyue sales team vigorously develops new customers while actively maintaining old customers. The exhibition site attracted a large number of customers to come to negotiate, and also attracted CCTV to report on our company.

The exhibition was fruitful and appreciated by customers from all over the world. The exchanges and discussions with our customers through this exhibition provided sufficient information and direction for our market positioning, product innovation and technological improvement.