7 inch AHD four-channel monitor high-definition night vision recording display
Operating temperature: -20°C〜70°CWorking current: 0.42AStorage temperature: -30°C 〜80°Cpower: 5WStandard: PAL/NTSCResolution: 1024*600
  • Product Detail

A camera is installed on the front, left, right, and rear of the car. When driving, the four-split screen displays the front, rear, left and right live conditions around the car. When turning left, the left side screen is automatically displayed in full screen, and when turning right, the left screen is automatically displayed in full screen. The picture on the right is displayed, and the rear picture is automatically displayed in full screen when reversing.

The display screen supports a maximum of 256G SD card, which can record the data of the four cameras into the card one by one for storage, which is convenient for later review and reference.